Monday, February 23, 2009

Wow.. Kinda surprised I'm doing this... I've always had either a notebook, word document diary, or random scraps of paper that i wrote down everything I wanted to say but couldn't.
uLtimateLY~ I'm a weird person.
to describe me:
-I'm a senior at University of Houston Business School!!! (marketing degree)
-I'm so scared of graduating
-I still don't know "what I'm going to be when I grow up"
-I work at an Oil company in the accounting department
-I've been getting scared lately that I'm not really doing my best

-I live with my boyfriend
-I moved out once for a month
-I'm just waiting for the next time
-I do love him

-I like to drink
-I take prozac & adderall but drinking can be a good fix
-I hate saying that tho!!! It's not like that

-I use to smoke years ago, and the past couple times, I've learned a couple new things about myself
-It's kinda freaked me out.
Things i've thought:

*I hate everything I've become
*I think about money too much
*I've probably splurged on myself 2x in the past year

I want to be able to understand things and be happy!

--also, I want to put all my pictures of random things that make me happy together!!

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