Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Balancing work & school & life

It's funny how I've never been a big "school" person.
-My #1 reason for going to college was b/c I didn't know what I wanted to do.
-I often wonder if I'm benefiting from school.
-I blame school for a lot of the stuff I don't know or understand.... but I think you're suppose to learn a lot on your own. & if thats true, how do you know what you will or wont

I love it, I normally get there late but I always work later! I'm confused a lot of the time, but I'm starting to understand more. Sometimes I don't retain a lot of information but it's bc I'm more concerned with getting the work done fast, rather than knowing why and how this does that.

At the moment, I'm watching my show Privileged in the bedroom. Daniel's watching whatever on the couch. His hips and legs hurt. I feel bad, but he just came in here talkin bout how ppl want movies and he's so tired... When is he going to get a job??
What holds me back from getting everything I've wanted??
I need to think about what I want & how I can get there...

Everyone is different, some ppl want their life to go in a certain order, and some don't care
Education, Career, Family, House,

I thought more about the order.
I want to be in love, have a career, get a house, get married, have kids
I think Daniel knows I want to finish school b4 anything so in his mind, out of sight, out of mind, buT, in my mind, I see him & wonder if this is the guy for me; someone who will eventually settle down.

Short Term: Want list:
Decorate apt into a place that reflects me. Stop using Daniel as an excuse b/c it'd be too girly or something!!!
Post Pictures Next!

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