Monday, May 25, 2009


I do and don’t understand why I have such a hard time understanding things,
I’m so focused on format b/c:
- I have to understand the overall picture. I guess that makes sense why you’re suppose to have a summary and then talk. Talk about what you’re going to talk about and then talk about it.
- I don’t like reading what I’m talking about. I want to see it and know

Problem > explanation > reason > solution

I don’t study for tests
I don’t understand why not
- When u
Why do other people learn so quickly?
Do they focus on the right stuff?

After our presentation I felt like crap so I’m going to make recommendations on how to handle group projects:
- Everyone research the subject and meet with basic knowledge.
- Figure out what is required by the professor
- Make an outline of the ‘finished’ product
- As a group, go though it and fill in your ideas, questions, concerns, what you think is important, what needs backup
- Divide work into sections (?should this be based on work load or sections that don’t overlap?)
- Assign sections to each person based on what they feel they would do the best at.

- Figure out the main thoughts as a group, and individually investigate different specific parts
- Give a summary of what you’ve learned, and what you think are the main points (if any different than previously decided)
- Ask any questions

Advise to myself on How to study better and comprehend stuff?
- Learn a new concept, apply it to now, & apply it to how you could use it to your advantage in the marketing field
- Teaching how to get more business is not as simple as how to program your remote.
- I want to make an outline so it’s like a quick reference back, and a follow your needed path. Like the puzzles/quizzes we had. “would you want to go on a date to the movies or adventure park?” Your dream guy is…
- They don’t teach us certain things (I had this thought during the retail test…) Some things they teach us are more opinion… Some are not a straight path though, some are
1. WHO is Bernard Madoff
2. WHERE is he today?
3. HOW did he get where he is today
4. HOW do


p.s. also started writing in the notebook (colorful)

I want to be on my own.
Be adventurous.
Do something I wouldn’t normally do.

Even though we just had a fight… scratch that. There was no fight. He got mad (!eXpLaiN!!)
I want the carefree life I deserve and never had.

I thought that would be achieved when I moved out and in with Daniel.
What do I do now?
Do I really want to move out?
Do I really think I’ll end up with Daniel?
No. we’re too different. We may want the same thing, but diff timing/ways to get there.
Do I love him?
Do I want to live alone?
Do I want to live with a roommate?

I think it’s a parent’s responsibility to raise their children so they know the value of money, how much they have, what they have to do to get what they want/ continue to get what they want…

After tonight, if Daniel and I are going to stay together:
-things need to change –he needs to know –something else…
-I think about moving out
-I could get an efficiency and take over the lease (So there wouldn’t be any harm to his credit!!!)
-It would give me a chance to be by myself and grow into my own