Monday, May 25, 2009


I do and don’t understand why I have such a hard time understanding things,
I’m so focused on format b/c:
- I have to understand the overall picture. I guess that makes sense why you’re suppose to have a summary and then talk. Talk about what you’re going to talk about and then talk about it.
- I don’t like reading what I’m talking about. I want to see it and know

Problem > explanation > reason > solution

I don’t study for tests
I don’t understand why not
- When u
Why do other people learn so quickly?
Do they focus on the right stuff?

After our presentation I felt like crap so I’m going to make recommendations on how to handle group projects:
- Everyone research the subject and meet with basic knowledge.
- Figure out what is required by the professor
- Make an outline of the ‘finished’ product
- As a group, go though it and fill in your ideas, questions, concerns, what you think is important, what needs backup
- Divide work into sections (?should this be based on work load or sections that don’t overlap?)
- Assign sections to each person based on what they feel they would do the best at.

- Figure out the main thoughts as a group, and individually investigate different specific parts
- Give a summary of what you’ve learned, and what you think are the main points (if any different than previously decided)
- Ask any questions

Advise to myself on How to study better and comprehend stuff?
- Learn a new concept, apply it to now, & apply it to how you could use it to your advantage in the marketing field
- Teaching how to get more business is not as simple as how to program your remote.
- I want to make an outline so it’s like a quick reference back, and a follow your needed path. Like the puzzles/quizzes we had. “would you want to go on a date to the movies or adventure park?” Your dream guy is…
- They don’t teach us certain things (I had this thought during the retail test…) Some things they teach us are more opinion… Some are not a straight path though, some are
1. WHO is Bernard Madoff
2. WHERE is he today?
3. HOW did he get where he is today
4. HOW do

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